Cane Reception, Feeding and Preparation

  • Hilo Unloaders
  • Feed Tables
  • Metallic and Belt Conveyors
  • Knife Sets
  • Cane Shredders
  • Levellers and Spreaders

Juice Extraction

  • Mills (Complete design or improvements on existing mills)
  • Mills (Consulting, Technical Assistance and Engineering on existing plants)
  • Cane diffusers and de-watering mills
  • Rotating screens and imbibition (maceration) systems
  • Metallic Conveyors (between Mills)

Juice Treatment and Concentration

  • Sulphitation and Liming
  • Juice Heaters
  • Heat Regenerators
  • Conventional and Short Retention Juice Clarifiers
  • Juice Screening
  • Evaporators (Roberts and falling film)
  • Syrup Clarifiers

Sugar Factory

  • Vacuum pans (batch and continuous)
  • Crystallizers (horizontal and vertical)
  • Sugar Dryers
  • Conveyors (vibrating conveyors, sanitary belt, screw and bucket elevators)
  • Weighting and Bagging Systems
  • Handling and Warehouse Systems
  • Sugar Bins
  • Refineries

Cogeneration / Utilities

  • Bagasse handling and conveying systems (conveyors, feeding and dosing equipment)
  • Boilers and ancillary equipment installations, water treatment, etc.
  • De aerators
  • Gas Scrubbers
  • Gas Scrubbers Water Recirculation and Treatment Systems
  • Complete Electric Power Plants (Co-generation , Power House)

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